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Sail Awareness Initiative

Posted on: 28.05.20

Sail Training International is supporting the Sail Awareness Initiative on Saturday 30th May 2020 and invite vessels to participate in this exciting campaign …

In a impressive show of solidarity, Saturday May 30th 2020 will see traditional sailing ships virtually join together to demonstrate ‘togetherness’ and unity by hoisting their sails and posting pictures.

In these very challenging times, it is sometimes easy for the wider world to forget about traditional sailing vessels, their rich history and heritage, the value they deliver to society, their ongoing work as well as their contribution to the economy. May 30th sets to drawn attention to this.

The Sail Training International Youth Council has worked hard to drive the Sail Awareness Initiative, they encourage traditional ships around the world to participate in order to raise awareness. They hope that campaigns such as this will help draw attention to the plight of the traditional  vessels, many of whom are struggling due to COVID-19, and how we can help do our bit to help preserve the vessels for the future.

30th May is a traditional sailing day in Denmark, and Jakob Fulton, skipper of 3 mast Schooner Fulton (Denmark) is inviting sailing vessels across the world to participate in this Sail Awareness Initiative; “We invite all traditional ships around the world to join us online to raise awareness for the work we do.  Please share your adventures on-board on 30th May by posting to the Facebook group or use hashtag #traditionalsailingday on Instagram”

THE DETAILS:  Saturday 30 May 2020 

TIME : 12 midday (local time) 

LOCATION:  Vessels Around the world, wherever you are, you are INVITED

SELECTED SOCIAL PLATFORMS:  Facebook & Instagram via #traditionalsailingday 

We hope that all vessels can join the initiative and help make a difference by: We encourage you to hoist your sails (whether you are out sailing or in port), send pictures/ video to this  Facebook group or Post on Instagram using the Hashtag.  We welcome all pictures from your sailing vessels, if you are working on your vessel, completing maintenance or even cleaning. Everyone is welcome to take part and raise awareness 


  • on Sat 30 May Ships are to ‘hoist their sail/s’ at midday (their local time) whether they are sailing or even if they are not – they are all encouraged to join in, engage via picture/videos 
  •  Ships that are sailing on 30 May to send pictures/video of their sail
  •  Ships that are not sailing to send pictures on 30 May (even if they are cleaning or completing maintenance etc at port, any images of the crew/ ships are encouraged. If you cannot get onboard simply share pictures of your vessels) 

Platforms selected: 

Facebook & Instagram is the selected place to share pictures/videos onboard your vessels on what is known as a traditional sailing day in Denmark. So please use the following Instagram sharing via #traditionalsailingday.