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Robin joined The Royal Netherlands Navy in 1967. During this 36 year career his commanded two submarines, a frigate and a fast combattant supply ship. He was also Military Attache in Turkey and Romania.

As a cadet he experienced his first Tall Ships Race in 1968. Since then he has participated in many races as a captain/skipper of all kinds of sail training vessels. His last command was the Stad Amsterdam.

When he retired from active duties on board ships, he committed himself to the sail training world. He was chairman of the Sail Training Association Netherlands (STAN) for eleven years and is now a member of the STAN board. In 2002 he joined the Sail Training International (STI) Race Operations Committee (ROC) as a Class A representative. In 2004 he became Chairman of the ROC and is also Deputy Chairman Director of Sail Training International/Tall Ships Races Europe.

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